U.S. Parish Support

Catholic Parish Partners: Parishes partner with Hands Together to bring awareness of the plight of Haiti's poor to their communities through events and special activities to raise funds.

Lenten Giving to Help the Poor

Consider including Hands Together in your sacrificial Lenten giving this year. Lent begins on March 1st. 

We are blessed to have the support of Holy Trinity parish in El Dorado Hills, CA. Parish director David Lopez developed a Lenten giving activity for parishes and individuals to help the poor in Haiti.  This is an exercise that is at the heart of the meaning of Lent which is a renewal and re-dedication of our faith through prayer and fasting. Fasting can take many forms to give up anything that keeps you from walking closer with God. To take part you can use a Sacrifice & Solidarity Box.

As we sacrifice this Lent, we encourage families to place the money they save from their sacrifice in their family’s Lenten Haiti box. After Easter Sunday, we will return our Sacrifice & Solidarity Boxes and all funds will be sent to Hands Together to bring food, clothing, shelter and education to our Haitian friends.

Parents are encouraged to discuss with their children why Catholics pray, fast and give alms during Lent – and then to explore ways in which their family can more fully participate in our shared Lenten journey.

How to Get Involved

Churches that would like to take part can request the number of boxes they need. Individuals and families that are interested can request a box or make their own. 

For more information email us: info@handstogether.org


PRAYER: During Lent, we might make an extra effort to pray or we might decide to pray together as a family. This year, perhaps we focus on being grateful to God, trying to find three things each day for which say “thank you, God.”

FASTING: Fasting doesn’t mean we have to give up just food – we can choose to sacrifice anything during Lent! When we sacrifice something that we really like, it reminds us how grateful we are that God gave it to us in the first place. Maybe this Lent, we can decide to cut back on eating meals out, or by skipping having dessert, or by not going out to the movies.

ALMSGIVING: “Almsgiving” is another way of saying we give money to help those who really need it. It’s always important to share the gifts God has entrusted to us, but Lent is an especially important time to do this because our sharing makes us more like Jesus. This Lent, as we sacrifice and spend less on us, we can put that money into our Haitian “Sacrifice & Solidarity” box so that our sacrifice can help our friends in Haiti. We hope each family will commit to at least $1 a day during these 40 days.